My BlackBerry Pearl 8130

Adventures in learning all about the BlackBerry Pearl by a new Pearl user.


3 thoughts on “My BlackBerry Pearl 8130

  1. Kelly Carter

    I highly recommend this blog for BlackBerry Pearl owners. OK, well, I’m biased. Kelly

    Looks you have the beginnings of an interesting blog. We have some similar interests: Christianity, web development, multimedia, etc.

  2. bigfetch Post author

    Thanks, Kelly! I’m mostly keeping this blog as a repository of interesting things I find out there on the web. I’ve long been a fan of WordPress and with the tagging features I’m finding it way more useful than traditional bookmarks.

    For what it’s worth, 15 minutes on your blog greatly increased my efficiency on my new Pearl. Keep up the good work!

    As we do seem to share numerous interests, do you have any other sites/blogs that cover more than the Pearl?

    –Ken (bigfetch)

  3. Kelly Carter

    Glad you’ve learned some things on the blog. I try to appeal to BlackBerry owners of all sorts, levels of expertise, interest, etc.

    No, this is the only blog or site that I have active at the moment, other than my faculty web site at the university where I work (but there’s nothing there interesting).


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